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I am so sick of porn on deviantart.

Guys, it is called deviantART, not deviantPORN. Deviant art mean excentric, unusual, freak art.Not pornographic art. their are children on this site, remember??? And please stop with all the nudes! if you want to publish your porn on internet, go to pornhub or whatever, not here!!!
This makes me so angry i swear to god... and when i see porn art, i usually comment on the deviant's page ''This is a art site, not a pornographic site. please stop publishing these stuff on this site.'' and the replies I get??? ''If you don'y like it, just ignore bro'' !!! Like... NO!!!! why don't you understand? i'm gonna repeat again: DEVIANTART IS NOT A SITE WHERE YOU CAN POST NUDES, PORNOGRAPHIC ART OR SIMPLY PORN VIEDOS/PICTURES. So please STOP!!! (when i talk about nudes here, i don't talk about ARTISTIC uses of nudity, i talk about poeple f*cking together, girls posing in an explicit position and picture of your d*ck/p*ssy. Those is not ''art'', those are simply pornnographics visuals.)

So guys, wake up!!! It has become out of control. their is a whole community of porn on deviantart, like their is a whole one of furries (that when turn pornographic are no better), foot fetishes, inflation, vore, fart/diapers fetishes and other stuff. (I don't care about it, as long as their is anything sexually implied you can do what you want with your weird fetishes.)

And it is not because you have an OTP that it is okay to draw porn of them and post it on deviantart. The fact that you ship two people isnt an acceptable excuse. you can draw cute stuff of them, like if they hang out, or work together, or just as a couple, it is perfectly fine. (remember a good ship between two characters implies they have a relation other then only sexual relation). But if all you can do of your otp is them f*cking together, then it is not okay to post it here. go post it on a porn site, not on this art site.

So, to summarise: you can draw whatever the f*ck you want, just if you do hypersexuallised stuff and pornographic art, don't post it here. It is not acceptable. Deviantart is a art sites. (because we all know artists are often eccentrics, freaks and people who lives in their heads) Deviantart is not a Porn site guys!!!!!


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I'm 14 years old, live in quebec, love to draw...


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Salvathi Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks so much for the fav! :la:
SilenZahra Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for so many favs and the watch! :dummy: :squee: :glomp:
janick01 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student General Artist
no problem :)
Kokichino-Benaben1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! I hope that you enjoy your special day today!!! I also hope that you also enjoy it! Of course, unless you chose a random date for your b-day here on dA. But anywho, still hope that you have a great day!!!
janick01 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student General Artist
oh thank you! no this is my real b-day (altough maybe not my real age xD) thank you so much, it is not my b-day anymore (obviously) but you made my day thank you so much 
Kokichino-Benaben1 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, you are absolutely welcome! It was my pleasure! I love to say happy birthday to others, it makes my day to make theirs! But anyway, how was your day? I wanted to say more, but unfortunately, I was short on time...did you at least enjoy yourself?
janick01 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Student General Artist
Yeah, we can guess. It was my last day at my boyfriend's (now my ex's) place. Little did i know how it would go... but the day was not particularly fun, i mean school exhausted me. It's the day when one of my friend started talking to me again, even brought me a cake, after two weeks of non-talking. The weekend was okay, i guess... but yeah. You, how are you doing lately? (seriously thank you for your time it's very nice and i appreciate it i mean no one bother for me anymore so yeah thanks :) )
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